Coins and Banknotes of Vietnam
and French Indochina

To the Readers

Mai Ngọc Phát, Vietnam Numismatics #1 (10-2017), p2

Dear researchers and collectors,
Dear readers!

Currency in general, including Vietnamese currency, has existed and evolved for thousands of years, alongside the historical fluctuations of our nation. The value and form of currency in each era have always been changing, reflecting not only a means of payment and exchange for people but also the economic, cultural, political, and social development of the community and the country. However, the available documents and records related to the field of currency are still very limited, making scientific and systematic research on the development of Vietnamese currency, as well as the region, quite challenging.

Driven by the desire to contribute a small part to the scientific research and collection of ancient currencies, especially Vietnamese money, we, enthusiasts passionate about collecting currencies, have initiated a project called "Vietnam Numismatics". Like weavers, we gather materials to preserve valuable contributions from society. We eagerly anticipate the collective support from experts and professional researchers in this field. We work with respect for the opinions of each individual, fully disclosing the images and articles of each author. Therefore, we kindly request our readers to regard each article in this publication as an independent opinion, not representing the Editorial Board.

This is the first issue of "Vietnam Numismatics". Subsequently, we plan to publish a quarterly magazine, four issues per year, for internal circulation only. Throughout this process, the Editorial Board might encounter shortcomings, subjectivity, or extremes in selection, design, presentation, and publishing. Hence, we look forward to receiving comments and advice from researchers, collectors, experts and readers to learn from experience and improve in the next issues of the magazine.

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Best regards!

On behalf of the Editorial Board,
Mai Ngọc Phát,

Hanoi, September 2017