Coins and Banknotes of Vietnam and French Indochina

Dear friends,

Finding cash coin in a catalog is a difficult task. Especially, if you (same as me) are not feeling comfortable with Chinese characters. To ease this task for collectors - is the main goal of this site. I wrote this little search engine just to bring order into my own collection of Vietnamese cash. But I believe, the information found here will be appreciated by every collector.

The database contains Vietnamese cash coins, cast from 968 A.D. to 1882, listed in TODA's ANNAM AND ITS MINOR CURRENCY. There is also a group of coins produced from 1882 to 1945, and therefore not listed in the book, described in the appendix. Reference numbers from other catalogs are given for these coins.

Besides the Online Identifier, the site features TODA's book itself, which is not just a catalog, but also a great historical book, and an interesting reading after all.

All scans from the book were made with resolution 150dpi. Here is a sample scan of modern coins made with the same resolution:

I found this book very helpful while doing my website:
Chinese Characters: A Genealogy and Dictionary. I would recommend it to every cash coin collector, whose native language is not Chinese. I have several dictionaries, but I always use this one.

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