Coins and Banknotes of Vietnam and French Indochina


Known mistakes in numismatic catalogs

Vietnam and French Indochina

Unfortunately, most of existing catalogs contain errors. Some of these errors are corrected in the newer editions, but there are still many people using old catalogs, and there are also some new mistakes appearing in new editions.

To help the collectors avoid the confusion, I started this page, which is supposed to grow slowly, while the new mistakes are coming out. I will appreciate any additional information about all found errors related to Vietnam and French Indochina. Please email me...

Vietnam: Pick-4
found in Pick, v2, 9th edition, 2000
The picture of common P-17 is given instead of scarce P-4.
However, the description is correct.

Vietnam: Pick-75s and Pick-79s
found in Pick, v2, 9th edition, 2000
I dont know any collector or dealer who had ever seen specimen for P-77 2 Xu 1964 or P-79 5 Hao 1976 type.
I conclude these notes DON'T EXIST.

Vietnam: KM#2.1, KM#2.2
found in many previous editions of Krause and Yeoman, as well as in Daniel's "Democratic republic of Vietnam Coins and Currency", 1995
Rarities of these two coins were swapped.
Here a correct information is given:
KM#2.1 (incuse lettering) is common, KM#2.2 (raised lettering) is rare.
Varieties of at least KM#2.1 type exist.
Comment from Howard Daniel:
The problem with the 5 Hao coin varieties is that right after my DRVN book was released, the D-2a (KM#2.1) was very difficult to find and the D-2b (KM#2.1) was still difficult, but more of them were available on the marketplace. Then North Viet Nam opened up and the D-2a poured onto the marketplace in large quantities. So the values and scarcity in my DRVN book should be switched for the D-2a and D-2b.

To be continued...