Coins and Banknotes of Vietnam
and French Indochina


The list of assholes stealing and abusing our images

Welcome our most spectacular asshole! I'm not going to advertise the website, but whoever seen it will recognize it.
Image stolen, altered, wrongly annotated (even the province name is wrong), and the ownership claimed.
And this is not the only stolen and altered image on their website.

What an asshole!
Find 10 differences...

Shame on you, mista!

Notice for the future candidates:
Google Image Search makes it extremely easy to find an image.
I know all of you, and everybody else knows whose images you are using.
If you are not yet in the list, that just means I'm feeling lazy and giving you some time to make your fixes.
Dont wait till I find myself in bad mood and add another asshole to the list.

To get removed from this list, please make sure that you no longer violate any of the rules, and PayPal me US$1000 along with your apologies.