Coins and Banknotes of Vietnam
and French Indochina

Coins of Annam

Imperial coinage of Vietnam

The name "Annam", sometimes used by Chinese and French,
has never been a correct name for the country of Vietnamese people.

The Nguyễn Dynasty:

1926-1945 保大 Bảo Đại
1916-1925 啟定 Khải Định
1907-1916 維新 Duy Tân
1888-1907 成泰 Thành Thái
1885-1888 同慶 Đồng Khánh
1884-1885 咸宜 Hàm Nghi
1883-1884 建福 Kiến Phúc
1883 協和 Hiệp Hòa (no coins produced)
1883 育德 Dục Đức (no coins produced)
1848-1883 嗣德 Tự Đức
1841-1847 紹治 Thiệu Trị
1820-1841 明命 Minh Mạng
1802-1820 嘉隆 Gia Long

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