Coins and Banknotes of Vietnam
and French Indochina

Vietnam 20 Dong 1969


Ho Chi Minh; coat of arms of Vietnam Democratic Republuc; denomination;
NƯỚC VIỆT NAM DÂN CHÚ CỘNG HÒA = Democratic Republic of Vietnam;
HAI MƯƠI ĐỒNG = Twenty dong;


tractor; date; denomination;
NGÂN HÀNG NHÀ NƯỚC VIỆT NAM = State Bank of Vietnam;
HAI MƯƠI ĐỒNG = Twenty dong;


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These notes could be issued at late 1977, or not issued at all.
In 2002 they appeared on the market from the vaults of the State Bank of Vietnam.

P-74A D-39 20 Dong 1969

Vietnam banknote 20 Dong 1969, faceVietnam banknote 20 Dong 1969, back