Coins and banknotes of Vietnam
and French Indochina

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Imperial coinage of Vietnam (Annam)

Here we should notice, that the word "Annam", sometimes used by Chinese and French,
has never been a correct name for the country of Vietnamese people.

The Nguyen Dynasty:

1926-1945 Bao Dai (Nguyen Bao Dai)

1916-1925 Khai Dinh (Nguyen Hoang Tong)

1907-1916 Duy Tan (Nguyen Duy Tan)

1888-1907 Thanh Thai (Nguyen Thanh Thai)

1885-1888 Dong Khanh (Nguyen Khanh Tong)

1884-1885 Ham Nghi (Nguyen Ham Nhgi)

1883-1884 Kien Phuoc (Nguyen Gian Tong)

1848-1883 Tu Duc (Nguyen Duc Tong)

1841-1847 Thieu Tri (Nguyen Hien To)

1820-1841 Minh Mang (Nguyen Thanh To)

1802-1820 Gia Long (Nguyen The To)

To be continued...

Silver coinage

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